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Engaging content. Innovative exhibits.
And a process that engages all your stakeholders. Here’s how Nicholas Boonin, Inc. achieves all your goals, step-by-step.

Stakeholder management
Early involvement by all your stakeholders improves both the process and the final product. Before any design work begins, we’ll develop a list of key stakeholders and discuss the best ways to involve them to ensure a smooth and successful project. We also ask how, and by whom, will success be judged? Knowing what’s expected is the first step to exceeding it.

Early "visioning"
Language is a poor translator of visual expectations or intent. So beginning very early in the process, we prepare and use sketches, mock-ups, swatches, samples and other visual tools that make the vision real.

Constant communication
E-mails, memos, and personal conversations keep you informed and involved at every step.

Choices and more choices
For every set of challenges, there are dozens of potential solutions. You’ll have choices and options at every step that ensure the success of the final outcome.

We’re able to keep overhead low and quality high by working with experienced professionals and craftspeople on a project basis. This enables Nicholas Boonin, Inc. to select just the right team for your project, no matter how unusual the demands may be.

Depending on your project, we may include a range of other similar strategies for success. If you have unique challenges, please feel free to ask us how we plan to manage them.

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