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Corporate Exhibits and Trade Shows Explore sample projects above!

Dramatic. Portable. And more.
Nicholas Boonin, Inc. designs exhibits that invite and engage prospects, tell your story, and support your brand promise.

Timelines and budgets
When it comes to trade shows, there’s no room to fudge either. Nicholas Boonin, Inc. is proud to say our on-time, on-budget record is 100%.

Goals and standards
We’re able to stay on time and budget by clarifying communication from the start. That’s why every project begins by listening carefully to your objectives and challenges, then preparing a work plan that outlines all the issues, from size and shipping to traffic flow and brand identity. On your approval, we begin design.

The design process
We approach your booth as an interactive exhibit—one that will engage visitors and provide comfortable discussion space for your representatives and customers. As much attention is paid to the often-forgotten (but critically important) details of traffic flow, useful storage, and lighting as to the structure itself, displays and graphics.

Early "visioning"
Language is a poor translator of visual expectations or intent. So beginning very early in the process, Nicholas Boonin, Inc. prepares sketches, mock-ups, swatches, samples and other visual tools that make the vision real and promote accurate discussions.

Constant communication
E-mails, memos, and personal conversations keep you informed and involved at every step.

We’re able to keep overhead low and quality high by working with experienced professionals and craftspeople on a project basis. This enables Nicholas Boonin, Inc. to select just the right team for your project, no matter how unusual the demands may be.

Nicholas Boonin, Inc. can provide you with all the collateral services of handling shipping, storage, inspections and changes, and more.

Depending on your project, we may include a range of other similar strategies for success. If you have unique challenges, please feel free to ask us how we plan to manage them.

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